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Rachel Cargle is a public academic, writer, and lecturer. Her activism and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood. Her social media platforms boast a community of over 315k where Rachel guides conversations, encourages critical thinking and nurtures meaningful engagement with people all over the world.


As a dynamic lecturer, Rachel has been invited to teach to students and faculty on topics of unpacking the racist histories of various American systems, affirming in the black experience with tools of language, concepts, and cultural systems, as well as workshops that address everything from finding one's highest values to exploring the true allyship in universities across the US and beyond. 


Rachel has been featured and celebrated in publications such a The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Harpers Bazaar, on the TEDx stage and on the Emmy nominated show the Red Table Talk.  is also a dynamic entrepreneur.


In 2018 Rachel raised funds in an effort to support black women and girls to gain access to mental health care. In less than 24 hours her social media community over $10k and over the next several months a quarter of a million dollars was raised and The Loveland Foundation was born.


You can follower her on IG at @rachel.cargle



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The Loveland Group is the parent company that holds all of Rachel's endeavors. Rachel is continuously finding new and innovative ways to pursue her mission globally. 



The Loveland Foundation was established in 2018 after the wildly successful fundraiser initiated by Rachel and enthusiastically funded by her social media community which went towards Therapy for Black Women And Girls. with over $250,000 raised this foundation is the official continuation of the efforts to bring opportunity, access, valiadation and healing to marginalized peoples.  

Proof speakers is an all women's speakers collective founded by Rachel.  The Proof team is committed to curating a collective of bright, innovative and captivating women to provide professional speaking services to the organizations, college campuses and conferences across the country. Our goal is to present in ways that inspire audiences to create compassionate connection, critical thinking and meaningful action.

Rachel serves as CEO and her team is a brilliant group of women ready to change the world through word, work and meaningful engagement. 

State Of The Woman is a weekly newsletter delivering a roundup of women's affairs to its hundreds of subscribers worldwide. 


Covering topics such as US politics, international news, arts and culture, women in business, and exclusively written pieces SOTW provides a comprehensive overview of the issues that matter to women around the globe. 


Rachel published the first issue in August 2017 and serves as the executive editor alongside her incredible team of writers, editors and interns. 



As seen​:

 For the 2019 -2020 academic year Rachel will be available for her signature live lecture exploring the history of feminism through the lens of race. Uncover layers of unlearned details, revealing the problematic effects that white-centered activism has had on the past and present of the feminist movement and action items you can take to be more intentional and inclusive.

Writer and activist Rachel Cargle brings her anti-racism work offline and into intimate and intensive conversation exploring race, white supremacy, feminism and the work we must all do to be a part of the solution. This three hour intensive will include a meaningful conversation with Rachel utilizing a curated curriculum she has developed just for this event. The workshop includes critical dialogue, small group discussions, worksheets, visuals, take-home materials for continued study and implementation.

A refreshing shift from resolutions we will get alignment around what truly matters within our unique life experience and explore how we can show up for those values in everyday life. 

I will guide you toward developing a reflective and insightful beginning-of-year map that will connect you with your highest values and the sweet, soft versions of ourselves that deserve priority in the new decade.

dialogue, small group discussions, worksheets, visuals, take-home materials for continued study and implementation.

What People Are Saying...

Rachel is a courageous, open-minded risk taker with a great vision for what the world could be.

She absolutely gave me the tools to start exploring this area to not only educate myself, but feel like I can also educate and discuss with others.

The information was clear, accessible, and empowering. It is an excellent resource and starting point for White women who are ignorant to the racism embedded in their beloved feminist movement.

Thank you thank you thank you. You put together such a fantastic talk and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.

Truly informative. I love Rachel’s non-negotiable and unapologetic expectations of us as white women. Her unwavering clarity in what we need to work on and look inward on is really powerful and important. 

Want to have Rachel to your space as a speaker, moderator, guest or panelist? 

“Rachel is available for select speaking engagements. To inquiry, please contact Jayme Boucher with the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau at or (212) 366-2166

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